10 Things You Need to Know About Oral Health

When it comes to health and taking care of your body, unfortunately your mouth is one of the last things people think of.  Despite all the work our teeth, jaw, and tongue do for us we still are not paying enough attention to keeping these in great functioning health.  Just over the last few years there have been drastic improvements in oral hygiene, cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening  and overall improvement in quality care of our teeth.  Here are the ten things you need to know about oral health:
1. Use an Electric Tooth Brush
News flash: Your hand held, manual tooth brush is a thing of the past.  The electric tooth brushes on the market now provide an extremely better and more efficient brush.  With pressure sensing, extreme torque and cleaning, and time measuring, an electric brush is a must have for anyone really trying to take care of their mouth.
2. Braces can be for Everyone
Over the past few years braces have undergone great adaptations and improvement in the comfort and feasibility of getting braces.  With clear braces, invisible retainers, and increased comfort and lowered price, braces are finally a thing for everyone.  Straight teeth are not only important for looks but also jaw and oral functioning.
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3. Always Floss
Just because you brush your teeth does not mean you have good oral health! Brushing can only do so much to clean in between your teeth and most of all to keep your gums healthy and clean!  Floss twice daily after you brush and you’ll be surprised how much cleaner your gums and teeth will become.  If you don’t floss often there will be a little bleeding and pain at first, but make a habit of it and it will eventually come with ease.  Great oral health comes first by flossing!
4. Use Mouth Wash
Good so you are brushing with a powerful and efficient electric tooth brush, and after that you are flossing.  You still have one more tool to use in your oral health kit to make sure you have a long lasting beautiful smile to share.  Use mouth wash! Mouth wash provides many benefits that flossing and brushing simply cannot provide, like maintaing healthy bacteria and greatly improving your breath and teeth color.  Don’t forget to rinse!
5. Seek advice about Dental Implants
No longer are improperly fitting dentures or horrible fake teeth something you have to worry about.  Dental implants are changing everything with the way they are now rooted into your bone.  Talk to your dentist about dental implants if you have a decaying or missing tooth and your smile will become as good as new!
dental impalnts
6. Use Whitening Products
There are all kinds of options when trying to make sure your teeth maintain a healthy white color.  Strips, gel, cosmetic dentistry, all these are great affordable options for beautifying your teeth and your smile.
7. Go to a Dentist You Trust
Finding a dentist you trust and respect is absolutely the best thing you can do to maintain a healthy mouth.  There have been many people reporting dentists for not identifying cavities, doing improper cleaning, and missing marks of teeth grinding and cancer.  Find reviews of dentists online and get a professional doctor you can trust, like the general dentistry in Cheltenham at Arden House.
8. Feel Confident in Your Smile
Why bother with all these tools and upkeep for your teeth and mouth? Feeling good about how you look and your teeth is important for your confidence and personal health.  Taking care of your teeth means you can smile confidently and attract welcoming people into your life.  You can always checkout smile makeover Cheltenham if you want take your confident smile to the next level.
9. Stop Jaw grinding
People may have tendencies to grind their jaw while sleeping or as a habit.  Jaw grinding wears down your teeth and is very harmful.  Your trusted dentist can offer helpful solutions to help you protect your teeth.
10.  Keep update Dental Records
You should get updated X-rays of your teeth and jaw at least once every two years.  Maintaing your oral history records is a must for insuring your oral health.
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