5 Things to be Cautious of Touching Day to Day Outside Your Home

On a daily basis, we come into contact with many items without giving a thought as to where that item been, what might be on it or how many people have touched it. We are constantly touching germ hot spots and a packet of travel wipes or a small bottle of hand sanitiser may help keep harmful germs at bay. It is also important to be vigilant with basic hygiene, such as washing hands with soap and water, throughout the day.

trolley germs

Shopping trolley

One person uses a shopping trolley, the next person puts a child with a dirty nappy in the trolley, another person stands two kiddies in the trolley, throughout the day many people will cough and sneeze over the trolley handles, and then you come along and select a trolley to take into the supermarket to do your grocery shopping. Many different types of viruses and germs will be present on the entire trolley. Make sure to wash your hands in soapy water when you get home or use an antibacterial lotion or wipe when shopping.


Money is often thought of as a gathering place for germs because of the number of times money passes from hand to hand. However, the metal on coins actually acts as an antibacterial agent. If using coins and notes in quick succession, it is important to wash your hands frequently.

Computer keyboard

Start the day by giving your keyboard a wipe over with an antibacterial wipe specifically for electronic equipment. Throughout the day you will be keystroking, possibly eating and drinking over your keyboard and transferring bacteria from your face, hair and hands onto the keyboard.


The keypad on an ATM is a breeding ground for germs and bacteria placed there by the many ATM users throughout the day. Many ATMs are not cleaned regularly throughout the day, so it is important to be vigilant with hand washing after use. Using an ATM is similar to running your hand around the inside of a toilet bowl.


Women’s handbags do not appear dirty but are, in fact, much dirtier than you think. Handbags are set down on floors, in shopping trolleys, on public transport seats and hung or placed on the floor in a restroom. Leather or vinyl handbags will harbour less germs than cloth ones. Table handbag hooks are a good idea for keeping handbags off floors.

We are bombarded with germs, viruses and bacteria constantly throughout the day. Germs are microscopic and are on absolutely everything you touch. However, not all bacteria are harmful. We actually do need some just to survive! Our gut is full of bacteria and if contained in the right places within our body, it actually helps us to digest our food. Within your home, it is a good idea to keep the outside bacteria under control by engaging the services of a professional cleaner such as AMC Commercial Cleaning.

Kim Blair