Dentist Holding Dental Tools

Are You Scared Of The Dentist?

Dentist Holding Dental Tools
Dentist Holding Dental Tools

Fear of the dentist is a classic phobia, that can cause a lot of anxiety for people. This is especially the case because they are most likely aware that dentistry is necessary, but they are overcome with fear and can’t face the fear. This article will talk about fear of the dentist and some possible solutions to it.

The origin

It is hard to say exactly where people’s fear of the dentist comes from, but the common denominator here is that people have some sort of bad experience with a dentist and are more or less turned off for their lives. Can you remember a time when you ate something that made you sick? I am sure you resolved never to eat this again or avoided it for a long time at least, and this is the same psychology involved.

Some people are also afraid of pain that may be associated with dentistry, however the good news is that dentistry just keeps getting better and better, and most procedures are relatively painless.

Trusting your dentist

Creating trust with a dentist is important and it is important to look for a few characteristics that will help you to trust your dentist fully.

Firstly, a big problem that people have is that they may not trust people they don’t know, therefore actually going to your dentist to meet him or her, before you even sit in the examination chair, is so important. Actually liking your dentist will make you feel much better about trusting them with something very personal. You may even wish to discuss your past fears to the prospective dentist and hopefully this should put you at ease.

Secondly, look for a dentist that is communicative, because a big aspect of fear of dentistry is that significant pain will be suffered. When a dentist is fully communicative, it makes the process so much easier. For example, a dentist may say something like this may sting a little bit or this might feel a bit funny, before doing something.


Something that people may not consider is the actual physical place where your dentistry is. If it is possible, pick somewhere that you really feel comfortable in or in an area that you really like to be in. This will certainly make you feel at ease when in the dentist’s chair.

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