E cigarette myths and the real facts

There are many myths related to the e-cigarettes, and many of them come from the fact that this product is new and not everybody knows how these devices work and how exactly they can help you. That’s why we tried to explain you in other of our articles the exact components of the e-cig and wanted to teach you how to use them. But sure, there are still a lot of undocumented

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A guide to eye nutrition and how to help maintain the healthiness of the eye

Eye health is something most of us take for granted, and it isn’t until we develop an infection or get told by our optician we need a stronger prescription for our glasses that we realise how vulnerable our eyes really are. Read on to find out more about eye nutrition and what you can do to look after your peepers.

Why is eye nutrition important?

When we eat badly, this doesn’t

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Winter is fast approaching and as temperatures drop, the number of viruses, colds and bugs is steadily on the rise.

Nobody wants to spend weeks tucked up in bed recovering from a nasty flu, so we’ve put together some simple advice and information to keep you healthy this winter.


During the winter, it can be extremely tempting to ditch healthy eating habits, turning to carbs and sugar for comfort.


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When life throws you lemons, and you hate lemonade, it might seem rational to turn to other avenues of escapism, including the extreme highs of drugs. We’ve all seen it or experimented with a toke or two, the instant high and disconnected euphoria associated with some of the streets highest sellers are a seductive choice if you feel like you have no way out. May as well have some fun while the

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5 Things to be Cautious of Touching Day to Day Outside Your Home

On a daily basis, we come into contact with many items without giving a thought as to where that item been, what might be on it or how many people have touched it. We are constantly touching germ hot spots and a packet of travel wipes or a small bottle of hand sanitiser may help keep harmful germs at bay. It is also important to be vigilant with basic hygiene, such

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5 Ways To Increase Your Well-Being

We all want to have a feeling of being well balanced and positive. When we are living a healthy lifestyle and following a passion of ours, we feel great about ourselves and our lives. We have more energy, are more accepting to compliments and have more get up and go about us. To increase our well-being we must take a look at the factors which affect us the most.

Be Active

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10 Things You Need to Know About Oral Health

When it comes to health and taking care of your body, unfortunately your mouth is one of the last things people think of.  Despite all the work our teeth, jaw, and tongue do for us we still are not paying enough attention to keeping these in great functioning health.  Just over the last few years there have been drastic improvements in oral hygiene, cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening  and overall improvement in quality care of our teeth.  Here are the ten things you need to know about oral health: 1. Use an Electric Tooth Brush News flash: Your hand held, manual tooth brush is a thing of the past.  The electric tooth brushes on the market now provide an extremely better and more efficient brush.  With pressure sensing, extreme torque and cleaning, and time measuring, an electric brush is a must have for anyone really trying to take care of their mouth. 2. Braces can be for Everyone Over the past few years braces have undergone great adaptations and improvement in the comfort and feasibility of getting braces.  With clear braces, invisible retainers, and increased comfort and lowered price, braces are finally a thing for everyone.  Straight teeth are not only important for looks but also jaw and oral functioning. 3. Always Floss Just because you brush your teeth does not mean you have good oral health! Brushing can only do so much to clean in between your teeth and most of all to keep your gums healthy and clean!  Floss twice daily after you brush and you’ll be surprised how much cleaner your gums and teeth will become.  If you don’t floss often there will be a little bleeding and pain at first, but make a habit of it and it will eventually come with ease.  Great oral health comes first by flossing! 4. Use Mouth Wash Good so you are brushing with a powerful and efficient electric tooth brush, and after that you are flossing.  You still have one more tool to use in your oral health kit to make sure you have a long lasting beautiful smile to share.  Use mouth wash! Mouth wash provides many benefits that flossing and brushing simply cannot provide, like maintaing healthy bacteria and greatly improving your breath and teeth color.  Don’t forget to rinse! 5. Seek advice about Dental Implants No longer are improperly fitting dentures or horrible fake teeth something you have to worry about.  Dental implants are changing everything with the way they are now rooted into your bone.  Talk to your dentist about dental implants if you have a decaying or missing tooth and your smile will become as good as new! 6. Use Whitening Products There are all kinds of options when trying to make sure your teeth maintain a healthy white color.  Strips, gel, cosmetic dentistry, all these are great affordable options for beautifying your teeth and your smile. 7. Go to a Dentist You Trust Finding a dentist you trust and respect is absolutely the best thing you can do to maintain a healthy mouth.  There have been many people reporting dentists for not identifying cavities, doing improper cleaning, and missing marks of teeth grinding and cancer.  Find reviews of dentists online and get a professional doctor you can trust, like the general dentistry in Cheltenham at Arden House. 8. Feel Confident in Your Smile Why bother with all these tools and upkeep for your teeth and mouth? Feeling good about how you look and your teeth is important for your confidence and personal health.  Taking care of your teeth means you can smile confidently and attract welcoming people into your life.  You can always checkout smile makeover Cheltenham if you want take your confident smile to the next level. 9. Stop Jaw grinding People may have tendencies to grind their jaw while sleeping or as a habit.  Jaw grinding wears down your teeth and is very harmful.  Your trusted dentist can offer helpful solutions to help you protect your teeth. 10.  Keep update Dental Records You should get updated X-rays of your teeth and jaw at least once every two years.  Maintaing your oral history records is a must for insuring your oral health.  
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5 Steps to Beautiful Teeth

Your teeth are often one of the first things a stranger notices about you.  Don’t you want to make a great impression?  There are many new and exciting ways you can take charge of your dental appearance and improve the aesthetics.  Here are 5 steps to creating better, healthier more beautiful teeth.  1.  Straighten Up No one likes crooked teeth.  Your first step is to make sure you visit an orthodontist and make sure your teeth are in line and looking sharp.  There are many clean and easy ways dentistry has improved and the metal nerd tracks of old are no longer with sleek braces design and even invisible dental available alignments now. 2.  Visit a Cosmetic Dentist There are many types of dentists, specializing and practicing in a multitude of disciplines within dentistry and oral hygiene.  In order to get the most beautiful attractive teeth you want to see a cosmetic dentist and seek the personal advice they have for you to beautify your smile.  You can check out the cosmetic dentist in Surrey or another cosmetic dentist well trusted and respected in your area. 3. Whiten and Clean Daily Teeth whitening tooth paste and whitening strips can really improve the appearance of your teeth and can attract great looks.  Clean your teeth at least twice a day, brush, floss and rinse.  Keeping up with these simple habits over a long time will really add up to beautifying your smile and letting the world know your true beauty. 4. Use Mouth Wash The most undervalued tactic in improving the looks of your teeth is using daily mouth wash.  Mouth wash will help keep your teeth and gums looking fresh, healthy and attractive.  Don’t just stop with brushing, take an extra minute to swoosh mouth wash and leave your mouth minty and fresh for whoever may be the next to interact with you. 5. Smile So you’ve straighten your teeth out, you have sought out and gotten advice from a cosmetic dentist, you have instilled the habits of whitening and cleaning your teeth daily, and you are using mouth wash. Congratulations! What else can you do to improve the beauty of you teeth? There is only on last thing: Smile! Smiling is contagious and it one of the main principle attractors of people’s attention and likability.  Increase the happiness and positive energy around you and you will be lighting up the room with an authentic brilliant smile, not to mention showing off all the dedication you’ve put in to great looking teeth.  You can always visit Grand Smile Designs, dentist in Surrey for more help and advice in dental cosmetics. Happy and healthy teeth for all and beautiful smiles for the world!  

5 Things You Need to Be Thinking About When it Comes to Your Oral Health

=&0=& With so much improvement in the technology of dentistry and dental hygiene the standard toothbrush is a thing of the past.  Nothing can get the best clean like an electronic tooth brush.  The torque, power, and efficiency of an electric tooth brush creates cleaner teeth, healthier gums, and an overall improved state of oral health.  Although the cost may be a little more upfront, its well worth it when you will have a clean dentist bill for years to come! 2. Mouth Wash Brushing your teeth twice a day? Great.  Flossing after the brushing? Awesome.  But wait your not done yet.  Using mouth wash to improve your oral hygiene is a must these days and a phenomenal and easy way to make sure your taking care of your health.  Mouth washes may be found in all capacities and flavors, choose a brand you trust and respect and wash your mouth daily. 3. Braces Having straightened teeth is extremely important for your oral health and personal appearance.  Crooked teeth can lead to improper jaw movement, poor digestions, infection and many other serious issues.  Also there is nothing as beautiful and sexy as a perfect, straight set of teeth.  Seek out an orthodontist cardiff and get your teeth on the straight path to clean health and good looks.  4. Trusted Dentist Having a dentists you know, respect, and trust is very important to your oral health.  Allowing yourself to see a dentist who does not value your care and health can lead to many problems such as missed cavities, poor care and over all lack of health security for your mouth and your teeth.  If your looking for a trusted dentist in cardiff you know where to go now. 5. Whitening    With so much consumption of food and other additives are teeth are being introduced to more and more toxic ingredients and chemicals that make are teeth yellow and brown.  There is nothing more unattractive as yellow teeth and nothing more brilliant as a set of pearly whites.  With so many options and products for teeth whitening is it definitely something to go after and a great way to improve the aesthetic look of your teeth.