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(Tulsa, Okla. (PRWEB) August 2, 2007) — Breath has been viewed as the essence of life for thousands of years. According to meditation expert Laurie Dejardins, correct breathing is also a crucial tool for unlocking physical and mental well-being today.


“Breathing is vital to all meditation,” said Desjardins. “It’s the most basic function of life. When you learn to control it for meditation, you’d be surprised at how quickly and easily your mind can slide in to that meditative state.”


Breathing meditations are a relatively simple way to quiet distractions and clear the mind. Buddhadasa Bhikkhu, a Buddhist monk and ascetic-philosopher, discussed breath control in his book “Mindfulness with Breathing.”


Buddhadasa maintained that breathing affected numerous body systems like the nervous system and the digestive system, as well as people’s thoughts and awareness. He stated that the more people learn to regulate their breathing, the more they can even learn to fight disease.


“Because breathing is something that you do every day, you stop being mindful of it,” said Desjardins. “If you sit down and take the time to focus on your breathing, you may be surprised at how helpful it can be for your overall well-being.”


According to Desjardins, practicing a simple breathing meditation ( each day can help people reduce stress and anxiety and improve mental health.


“It’s difficult at first, because it seems as though your mind suddenly gets very busy and won’t settle down,” Desjardins said. “That will pass. If you continue to breathe slowly and evenly and focus only on your breathing, eventually your mind will settle into stillness and you’ll find a new sense of peace and inner calm.”


Before attempting a breathing meditation, Desjardins recommends finding a quiet place where you have good feelings and memories. Any outside distractions, like cell phones, should be put away or turned off. She also says that those trying meditation for the first time should allow plenty of time for it.


“People talk all the time about the power of positive thinking,” Desjardins said. “Meditation takes that to the next level. By spending just 10-15 minutes a day practicing breathing meditation, you achieve balance and improve your health, both mentally and physically.”


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