Healthy Road Trip Choices

Healthy Road Trip Choices

Road trips usually mean long hauls in the car confined to a small area, limited to gas station nourishment and nearly no opportunity to stretch your achy muscles. Long car rides don’t have to be miserable and there are several ways you can actually make healthy choices while on the road. The very first item of business before hitting the road will be to make

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E cigarette myths and the real facts

There are many myths related to the e-cigarettes, and many of them come from the fact that this product is new and not everybody knows how these devices work and how exactly they can help you. That’s why we tried to explain you in other of our articles the exact components of the e-cig and wanted to teach you how to use them. But sure, there are still a lot of undocumented

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Winter is fast approaching and as temperatures drop, the number of viruses, colds and bugs is steadily on the rise.

Nobody wants to spend weeks tucked up in bed recovering from a nasty flu, so we’ve put together some simple advice and information to keep you healthy this winter.


During the winter, it can be extremely tempting to ditch healthy eating habits, turning to carbs and sugar for comfort.


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When life throws you lemons, and you hate lemonade, it might seem rational to turn to other avenues of escapism, including the extreme highs of drugs. We’ve all seen it or experimented with a toke or two, the instant high and disconnected euphoria associated with some of the streets highest sellers are a seductive choice if you feel like you have no way out. May as well have some fun while the

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5 Things to be Cautious of Touching Day to Day Outside Your Home

On a daily basis, we come into contact with many items without giving a thought as to where that item been, what might be on it or how many people have touched it. We are constantly touching germ hot spots and a packet of travel wipes or a small bottle of hand sanitiser may help keep harmful germs at bay. It is also important to be vigilant with basic hygiene, such

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5 Ways To Increase Your Well-Being

We all want to have a feeling of being well balanced and positive. When we are living a healthy lifestyle and following a passion of ours, we feel great about ourselves and our lives. We have more energy, are more accepting to compliments and have more get up and go about us. To increase our well-being we must take a look at the factors which affect us the most.

Be Active

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Best Natural Remedies for Weight Loss

Do you struggle with the never-ending cycle of dieting, only to end up back where you started? Don’t feel bad, because you’re not alone. Recent research has shown that traditional methods of dieting don’t actually work as well as all the hype would suggest. It seems that most diets these days are more centered around selling diet books than they are

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Five Moves with a Mediball for a Full Body Workout

When it comes to fitness, there is no magic bullet. Hard work will trump gadgets or specialized routines when you measure results. Ideally you would have an Olympic trainer creating and supervising your fitness workouts in your private gym, supplemented by visits by your personal nutritionist, who would plan meals prepared by your private chef. That is just not the

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Goodbye and Farewell

Dealing with the loss of a loved one is always difficult. No matter how many self-help books you read or sympathy cards you get in the mail, there will be grief. People process loss in a multitude of ways, and it manifests itself differently for every person. Some follow the five stages of grief in a textbook fashion, and others refer to their grief timeline as a

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