How Health Professionals Qualify

There are many routes into the healthcare profession, and while some courses require a rigid regimes of several years’ study, there are also easier and more practical courses that enable people to work within healthcare. Here are a few examples of how those people that keep you healthy get their qualifications.


Studying to be a nurse used to have several different routes, but now nurses qualify

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How Can You Detect Hearing Loss?

A lot of people who are aware that their hearing has begun to deteriorate remain somewhat reluctant to ask for help about it. Whether they are simply trying to ignore the disheartening fact that they have a problem (especially for the older generation, who may take it as a sign of getting old) or they prefer to never ask anyone

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Simple Tips From Chinese Medicine to Prolong Your Life

This is a guest post by Vera Petryk, an author for

Chinese medicine got its population all over the world. Today, no one is surprised when instead of western medicine you go to a Chinese practitioner, take acupuncture, vacuum therapy or special herbs.

In western medicine all we do is take chemicals, and as a result, we cure one organ and kill another one. The circle can go on and on until

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cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic Surgery in Serbia

(Oxygen Zone News and Press Room)

Nature has a perfect shape – Our responsibility is to keep it up that way

Oxygen Zone launches the completely new web site dedicated entirely to Health and Beauty Tourism in Serbia. It offers cosmetic and plastic surgery with internationally accredited aesthetic and plastic surgeons specialists and university professors who

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