What Causes Tooth Decay?

            The most common reason that people visit the dentist is to let their dentist check for signs of tooth decay. Early identification of tooth decay is very important because the last thing people want is to have to have a tooth removed – a last resort – and the added expense of having to replace a lost tooth because they neglected their oral hygiene and didn’t have regular check-ups from the dentist. There are numerous causes for tooth decay, some of which are discussed below.


            Firstly, and probably the most common cause for poor tooth condition is the buildup of a bacteria commonly known as plaque. Plaque generally builds up because people don’t brush their teeth regularly, which allows the bacteria to feed on the sugary residues left behind from your food. Dentists recommend that you brush at least twice a day using a good quality toothbrush and toothpaste. They also advise using dental floss, and also brushing your tongue, ideally before tooth brushing. Remember, don’t be too harsh on your tongue as your taste buds are sensitive and you don’t want to damage them. Also, after brushing, dentists recommend a good mouthwash.

Another cause of tooth decay can also depend on the foods and drinks you consume. Everybody knows that eating too many sugary foods and drinking high sugar beverages not only affects your overall health but also has a dramatic effect on your teeth. A combination of these two things and not brushing regularly will have serious consequences. Unbelievably, the reaction that occurs in your mouth due to the acids created by sugars can have an almost instant effect on you so be aware of what you are eating during a meal.

A lesser known cause of tooth decay, and something that many people do without knowing they are is grinding their teeth. This as you can imagine damages the protective coating, called enamel, from your teeth. Many people do this during the night and your dentist can provide you with a professionally fitted mouth guard that will protect your teeth while you sleep.

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So remember, regular visits to you dentist will spot the early signs of tooth decay, save you a lot of discomfort and save you money. For more advice on tooth decay visit Arden House Dental, a Cheltenham dentist, for more information.

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