A Closer Look At The Types Of Cosmetic Dentistry


To the non expert the huge number of cosmetic dentistry procedures can truly be intimidating, not only this but the advancements in each of these types are moving along at a very fast rate. This article will look at some of the current technologies in the wonderful world of dentistry, so read on to find out more.


These are probably the most common form of cosmetic dentistry available and are usually a series of wires that are placed over the teeth. The wires are always under tension and are tightened in specific places to ensure that the teeth are forced into a straight position. They are extremely effective, but require constant adjusting by a dental professional known as an orthodontist. The duration that you will need braces depends on your own unique mouth, but it usually takes between one and two years to be effective. One of the best things about modern braces is that they are now much smaller and less noticeable than ever before.


Crowns are a cover for existing teeth that are made from porcelain, particularly those that are damaged or broken. The teeth are reduced in size and the shell is placed over the top and adhered in place using a special glue. Crowns are very effective for preserving a natural feel of your teeth, because you do not need to worry about them staying in place and they use the underlying bone in the jaw to stabilise them. This makes it very easy to eat and talk as you normally would.


Dentures are the more formal name for false teeth, and these are a replacement for missing teeth that is usually secured using a plastic or metal plate to keep the replacement teeth in the correct position. Moulds of the mouth are taken in order to get the exact location of the missing teeth and then they are created using advanced composite plastics and resins. One benefit of dentures is that they are extremely easy to clean as they are removable, but often require a form of liquid adhesive that must be applied in order to keep them in place.

Retainers and plates

These are moulded pieces of plastic that are generally reinforced by wires and are used by people to change the positioning of the teeth. These are usually worn after braces, but this is not always necessary. Plates and retainers ensure that the teeth do not shift back into any unwanted or crooked positions, and they are very convenient as they are removable.

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