Dental implants: the next best thing

dental impalnts

Dental implants are one of the most recent dental inventions that are truly providing an unmatchable experience when it comes to look and feel of tooth replacement solutions. Read on to find out a little bit more about what makes dental implants special.

What are they exactly?

A dental implant is simply a titanium screw that is inserted directly into the bone beneath the gums and is able to house a replacement tooth that attaches to the implant. These are the ideal solution for “replacing” missing teeth.

How long do they last?

Like anything, things generally last as long as you take care of them. Dental implants could potentially last a lifetime if you care for them properly. It is important to remember that the technology for these is continually improving and so is the lifespan of the implants themselves.

Who can get them?

This is a difficult question to answer in a simple blog post, but the truth is that every person is unique and so is the specifics of their mouth and bones. Therefore it will depend on various factors and it is best to speak to your dentist or dental surgeon about whether or not you may be eligible for dental implants.

Can they replace several teeth?

The good news is that you can have various dental implants in the mouth and as a result it is theoretically possible to have every tooth replaced in the mouth (however this would be an extreme case).

What are the benefits?

The first and best benefit is that they provide a sensation that is as close to real teeth as possible. This is because they are anchored to bone and provide a truly secure and real feel that perfectly mimics real teeth, and this is in contrast to dentures which just sit over your gums and can lose their fit over time and become loose. When you eat and drink with dental implants you do not need to think about controlling the way you are doing it, because there is nothing to think about and the same goes for talking. You can do everything as naturally and normally as possible.

The second distinctive benefit is that they prevent loss of bone structure in the mouth. When you lose teeth the bones underneath tend to deteriorate and cause you to lose shape in your face. Dental implants prevent this from happening as they stimulate the bone and forms an anchor that prevents the bone from deteriorating.

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