Don’t Let the Cold Weather Stop You From Staying Active

If you’re like most people during the cold season then you’re likely more interested in staying at home rugged up in front of a fire (or heater) watching movies and hoping upon hope that the weather warms up soon. If, however, you are looking for ways to stay active and healthy during this time, My Health Connection has a few cold weather activities to keep you healthy and ready for the warmer weather.


Try Your Hand at Ice-Skating

While it may not be for everybody, everybody should at least give it a try. Apart from a fun day out with the family or even a romantic date night out for two, ice-skating has the added benefit of incorporating a lower body and core workout. So the next time you’re feeling a little flabby during the winter, strap on the skates and glide away those winter pounds.


Go for a Hike

You read that right – head out for a hike! Whether it’s a short walk through some wilderness or you are ready for an organized trail with friends, a winter hike can be a great way to explore and see nature and the world around you during a season not seen by most. And before you say it, not having the right gear is no excuse! With the cold weather in full swing, there are plenty of Groupon Coupons available for specialist stores like Sierra Trading Post for products to keep you warm and ready for any cold weather adventure.



Don’t let the cold weather turn you off this great traditional outing, just choose somewhere appropriate and let it be a new experience. Instead of your traditional camping grounds, look for somewhere that is known for offering great camping sites during cold weather, up high away from any flooding and surrounded by tall trees to help keep the wind at bay.


With these and so many other great ways for you and your family or friends to spend the cold season, don’t let it get the best of you and make sure you’re staying active, healthy and more importantly, social!