Fear of the dentist

Fearing dentists is probably as old as the profession itself, but given the current state of dentistry, this is a very outdated fear that should be ignored. Of course this is not always easy to do, however in this article we will look at fear of the dentist, how it may develop and solutions to the problem.

What causes it

Generally speaking, people fear dentists because they have a bad experience (usually at a young age). This fear is carried with them into their adult lives and causes people to be fearful and mistrusting of dentists.

Good things to know

Dentistry has truly come a long way and pain has been almost completely minimised, through technological advancements and also better training and education of dentists. Dentists are now known more for their communication skills, which have become an integral part of dental practices that are looking to provide a quality service.

Meet prospective dentists

One of the first and best steps for overcoming a fear of the dentist is actually going to meet your prospective dentist. It is important to remember that your dentist is simply a person too and only has your best interests at heart. By meeting with your dentist you are breaking down your fear of them and there is always the hope that you may like your dentist! If this is the case you will be much more likely to trust your dentist with your oral care.

Talk about it

We mentioned meeting your dentist above, but actually talking about the issue with a dentist can really help you. If you do decide to take the plunge and go through an oral care examination it is always a good idea to constantly speak to your dentist, so that you know what is happening and when. The fear of the unknown is often what causes people to seize up and feel fear of pain from the dentist.

Take a friend or family member

Having some support when actually visiting the dentist can be extremely helpful, especially as this is somebody that you trust. This person can help talk you through the visit and also motivate you to go.

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