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Going private – the Benefits of Working at Private Hospitals and Care Facilities

Although the private health sector has fewer hospitals than the NHS it still plays a crucial role in providing a service to private patients and facilitating the Department of Health in promoting patient choice and reducing waiting times. There are three types of private health sector facilities which include: for profit, not for profit (registered charities) and voluntary organisations. There are many benefits to working in the private health sector, some of which we will now go on to discuss in this article.

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Providing a more personalised service to patients

Many health care providers choose to work in private hospitals and facilities as it allows them to provide a better quality of service to their patients. Although doctors, nurses and all other health workers should treat patients the same, those that work in the private sector deal with less patients on a daily basis and are therefore able to provide more personalised care. Being able to spend more time with patients ensures that you can discuss their symptoms in depth and provide them with better treatment plans.


Another great thing about working in the private sector is that you will continue to deal with your own set of patients. Unlike in public hospitals where patients see a number of consultants, those working in the private sector tend to look after the same patients from the moment they enter the building, to the moment they leave. Being able to provide patients with shorter waiting times and better quality of care is a great reason to want to work in the private health sector.


Cleaner environment and better facilities 

It is a known fact that there are fewer cases of hospital based infections and superbugs like MRSA in private hospitals. This may be due to the fact that they are able to facilitate a thorough room cleaning service and have fewer patients staying in the hospital. The fact they deal with less patients makes it easier to isolate any carriers of infections before they become bigger problems for a hospital, its patients and staff. Working in a cleaner environment will enable you to perform better in your job role and provide a better service of care to your patients.


Less scrutiny 

Unlike the NHS, private hospitals are accountable and responsible for their own performance and are therefore under less scrutiny. Although some would say that those working in private hospitals are under less pressure than those working in public care facilities, they still have a duty to provide their patients with the highest standards of care.


Career progress 

One of the main benefits of working for a private hospital is the scope for career progress. Many private hospitals are keen to offer their employees continuous training and education that enables them to progress into higher roles. Not only will you get the chance to broaden your skills and experience working in a private hospital, but you will also be working with some of the country’s leading medical experts. Private hospitals are known for having better resources and more funding for career opportunities and development. If you are currently looking for opportunities be sure see the Nuffield Health Careers portal which is dedicated to careers in the health sector.


Pay and employee benefits

Whilst those working in private hospitals and care facilities will receive a higher than average wage, they are also usually privy to a number of employee benefits. Many private hospitals and care organisations offer their employees benefits such as private medical insurance and discounts on private health care for their family and friends. Some private hospitals have their own gym facilities and are therefore able to offer their employees free gym memberships so they can stay fit and healthy.


With so many benefits, it is no wonder that so many people aim to secure roles in private hospitals and care facilities. Whether you are looking for a nursing, surgical or administrative role, you are sure to find something suitable at one of the country’s many private hospitals.