Maintaining your oral health at work

When you are working long hours it can be very easy to let your oral health go, so it is of the utmost importance to maintain your teeth whilst there. Of course if you think about your normal habits, most if not all of your oral care will occur at home and not at work, but with the following tips you can easily set up a structure where you can take care of your mouth at work if you need to.

Keep a spare

Keeping a toothbrush, toothpaste and floss at work is the the first and most important step for good oral care when you are working. If you have these on hand there really should not be any excuse not to brush your teeth

Keep a routine

One of the core reasons for a successful oral hygiene routine is a good structure, for example brushing twice a day and at similar times each day. When you become used to a good structure, you naturally stick to it and the same is true when you are brushing or flossing at work. You should aim to do it at the same time every day, so that it feels automatic and you almost don’t need to think about doing it. The best time for this is of course, after lunch.

Watch what you eat

If you happen to be working late it can also really interrupt your diet, you may opt to have something sweet to keep you going and your teeth may suffer as a result. Therefore it is a great idea to pack some snacks that will keep you going and also are low in sugar. The ideal situation would be having a supermarket nearby that will allow you to buy some healthier snacks, rather than a chocolate bar from a small shop.

Drink water

Not only will drinking water at work keep you hydrated and performing better at work, but it will also provide the added advantage of cleaning the mouth of leftover food, plaque and other bacteria. Drinking water is an ideal habit to form at work, particularly if you are working late and need to be performing at your best.

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