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Simple Tips From Chinese Medicine to Prolong Your Life

This is a guest post by Vera Petryk, an author for

Chinese medicine got its population all over the world. Today, no one is surprised when instead of western medicine you go to a Chinese practitioner, take acupuncture, vacuum therapy or special herbs.

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In western medicine all we do is take chemicals, and as a result, we cure one organ and kill another one. The circle can go on and on until you find something that exclude chemicals.

The reason why Chinese medicine is gaining its popularity is very simple: people want to find the inner peace, get closer to the mother- nature and most importantly people are simply tired of drugs. TCM is not really a medicine, is more likely a lifestyle. The main rule is that everything should be in harmony. Chinese believe that every person has a special energy, called Qi, it circles through your body and if there is a problem, the Qi-Gong cannot move, which leads to health problems and serious illnesses. That’s why there is acupuncture or more commonly known a needle therapy that touches specific marking on a body to renew the circulation.

If you want to stay healthy and fit Chinese medicine has some simple tips that exclude needles and cups:

1)     First of all it is a diet. If you don’t have any specific problems you may consider eating more vegetables, milk products and of course herbal tea. These are the general rules, but if you, for example, suffer from everyday stress you should avoid meat, the maximum amount of it cannot be more than 100 grams per day. But keep in mind that only real TCM practitioner can make you a personal diet as he/she should measure pulse and blood pressure before writing a prescription.

2)     The second most important thing in Chinese medicine is meditation. Your body and mind should be in a harmony. Needless to say that in modern conditions meditation becomes a piece of work. Start with some self-teaching books and CDs at home, the first ones should be with a trainer who will teach you special breathing technics you will use later.

3)     Third rule is a combination of little tips, some can say even exercises, you can do in the morning and evening. The morning exercises are all about tuning. Just as in yoga you should think about your day before it started without even opening your eyes and thank for everything you have by planning a day. There are also some physical exercises you may apply such as opening and closing your jaw for 36 times in a morning, this exercise will strengthen your teeth and awake your brain. You may also try a dry shower, Chinese believe that you shouldn’t take a shower twice a day as your skin needs protection, so instead of normal shower you can take a dry towel and warm up your body with it.


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