Sugar: Is It In Everything?


Sugar is something that we all know poses a risk to our teeth and moderation is something we all know about, but the question is how much sugar are we really consuming on a day-to-day basis. Today we will talk a bit more about sugar and just how much of it we are consuming.

What is it exactly?

Scientifically speaking, sugar is a carbohydrate consisting of hydrogen, oxygen and carbon. It occurs naturally in most plants, however the issue lies in the fact that it is refined and added to a huge number of processed foods that we buy and eat on a daily basis. You may not believe it but it is also an ingredient in savoury products, like biscuits!

How much is enough?

Sugar is difficult to avoid and really it should not be avoided entirely, but moderation is the key here. It is very difficult to say what exactly is too much, but it is important to moderate how much you are taking in. You need to be aware of how present it is in foods and the effects that it can have in such high quantities.

A good example of this is something like fruit juice, which is extremely high in sugar. Juice certainly has health benefits, but you need to be wary of it and you should only consume a small amount. It can also tend to be acidic, which may make your teeth more prone to decay.

Dealing with sugar

Food labelling is one of the best ways to ensuring that you don’t consume too much sugar. By checking these labels you will have a much better feel for how much sugar you are eating. Of course this may seem difficult at first, but the idea is to become more conscious over time and you will have a better idea every time you shop.

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