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Effective Chinese Herbal Medicine

China is a rising giant. It is quickly making unbelievable strides in technology. In fact, the tide of progress in China has clouded China’s traditionally renown in medicine. However, a keen observer will first give China credit for its long-known effective traditional herbal medicine.

China’s realm of herbal medicine is full of long catalogues of well-documented and tested herbs. It

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Herbal Remedies by G

Herbal Remedies by G. Baldwin & Co.

Herbal remedies were in use long before the advent of western medicine. First used by the Chinese more than five thousand years ago, today the use of herbs is one of the fastest growing areas of complementary medicine in the west and is attracting a large number of practitioners and advocates. Treatments are manufactured from plants, or parts of plants, and can take various forms such as oils, tablets

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