The Trouble of Teething


Parents have dreaded teething since the beginning of time and it really isn’t hard to see why if you have experienced it. Sometimes it seems that nothing can help to ease the pain of a teething child and it can cause serious stress for any parent. It can even cause relationship problems that otherwise would not exist. In this article we will talk more about the topic of teething and hopefully help you to deal with a teething child.

What is it?

Teething is a process that every baby goes through and it is where teeth break through the gums for the very first time. Generally there will be pain for the child and this can cause the child to become irritable and easily upset. This is especially the case as the pain tolerance of a small child is much lower than that of an adult.

When does it start?

Teething usually begins for children at around six months of age and usually the incisors (the sharp front teeth) are the first teeth to come through. Normally the bottom incisors will come through first and then this will be followed by the top two.

It takes around two to three years for all the teeth to come through, however it varies from child to child. The extended length of time that it can take can cause a lot of stress for parents, because the child is prone to crying during this time. During this time you should keep an eye on the health of your child and seek medical attention if necessary.

Easing the pain

Easing the pain is no easy thing, but once you find the right way to ease the pain for your child you will be extremely satisfied. Not only will your life go back to normal, but your child will be happier and healthier. Generally speaking rubbing the gums of your child with a finger or a soft wet cloth can greatly ease the discomfort of your child.

Other things that tend to work are specially made teething biscuits, or even a piece of toast! There are also a number of pharmaceutical remedies that may aid in your child dealing with the teething process.

Again if you have concerns you can see your doctor or dentist for further assistance.

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